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Should I Buy an Akita Inu? – PROs and CONs

Akita Inu – Should I buy one?

That’s the question most people ask themselves after seeing this breed for the first time. The Akita Inu is such a beautiful dog, it makes many people fall in love at first sight.

Well, come on… How can you not fall in love with it? Just look at this beautiful, teddy bear looking face!

The Akita Inu is a majestic, calm, strong and a strong dog with a laid back personality. In addition to that, he is very loyal, quiet (Almost never bark), great with children and a loving companion.

However, the Akita Inu is one of the hardest to train dog breeds. Due to the fact that he has a very dominant personality in addition to great hunting instincts. Therefore, he is not suitable for first time dog owners.



You must train your Akita Inu

Unless you position yourself as the Pack Leader, He will. And in that case, your Akita may and will become aggressive toward other dogs and animals. If you want your Akita to be a guard dog, you don’t even have to train him to do it. As a result of years of hunting, guarding became one of the Akita’s instincts. On top of positioning yourself as the pack leader, you must socialize your Akita since an early age. This is one of the most important factors in training your Akita Inu. You must take him to public places where people can (and will) touch him. Take him to dog parks as often as you can, let children play with his since he’s a puppy and obviously, take him to an agility park. It will create wonders with your companion. For more information about training your Akita Inu puppy, Click here.

Akita Inu and exercise

It’s always make me laugh to hear the words “Akita Inu” and “Exercise” in the same sentence.

This video perfectly describes the royal Japanese breed. A strong minded breed who doesn’t wish to take part in human games.

Yes, given enough time, you can train your Akita to do tricks and even become agile. However, it’s against his nature.

Actually, some say the Akita is just too smart for that. You can’t buy his love and affection with simple treats. Instead, you must respect and honor him.

So, let’s sum it up by saying that despite his size, the Akita Inu doesn’t require much exercise.


Barking? Not going to happen with an Akita Inu

Who doesn’t hate hearing his dog barking in the middle of the night for no reason? The Akita, however, almost never bark. They rather have the “Strong and silent” personality. The only times an Akita will bark are when he really needs to. So, unless an intruder break into your house, prepare for a bark – free life and enjoy sleeping!

You should really keep him on a leash

If you always dreamed about a dog you could run free with in a park; Watching him playing with other dogs and fetching sticks, then maybe the Akita isn’t the perfect dog for you. You should never let your Akita Inu roam free around the neighborhood.


Make sure you don’t have any small pets at home

Due to his hunting instincts, the Akita tend to conceive small animals as prey. He will not show any sign of aggression, he won’t show his teeth or send any warning signal as well. He will attack. And not just attack to show dominance or who’s boss. He will go for the kill. However, Not all Akitas are extremely aggressive. If trained correctly, the Akita Inu can be a friendly dog to all animals.


Overall, the Akita Inu is a majestic creature. But with that being said, it’s not perfect. Consider the following before buying one:


Akita Inu PROs

  • One of the most beautiful dog breeds
  • Come with various different colors
  • Almost never bark
  • Center of attraction – A very impressive dog
  • Doesn’t require a lot of exercise
  • Loyal, calm and family oriented dog
  • Excellent guard dog

Akita Inu CONs

  • May show aggression toward other animals
  • Hard to train, stubborn, bored easily and dominant
  • Doesn’t like to stay alone at home for too long – Very attached to his owners
  • Not suitable for off-leash walking
  • Crazy amount of shedding
  • Usually doesn’t like to play too much

After reading this article, if you are sure that an Akita Inu is the ideal dog for you, make sure you read our article How to Choose an Ideal Akita Inu Puppy. On top of that, don’t hesitate to Contact Us for free guidance