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Long Coat Akita Inu

The Long Coat Akita Inu: The Japanese fluffy teddy bears


The Long Coat Akita Inu is a beautiful version of our favorite breed with a fluffy, teddy bear appearance. Unfortunately, the long coats do not fit the breed standards, and therefore, cannot enter the show rings.

Due to the fact that the long coats do not fit the breed standards, most breeders will choose not to breed those giant teddy bears.


Long coat Akita inu climbing bedUnlike their short coated cousins, the Long Coat Akita Inu will usually have a more calm and laid back personality. The fact that the Long Coat Akita Inu is so cute and fluffy, attracts a lot of attention. It’s almost impossible to walk down the street without having someone petting your dog. They’re just adorable!

We believe that this is the main reason the long coats have a more calm personality. The fact that they are socializing more with strangers helps them become more friendly.



So, let’s look at some Pro’s and Con’s for the long coats:


Long Coat Akita Inu Pro’s:

  • Price: Unlike their short coat cousins, the long coats will cost much less. Making them more affordable while the Akita Inu is one of the top 10 most expensive dog breeds.
  • Personality: Who wouldn’t want a more calm, friendly and laid back Akita Inu?
  • Center of attention: Now, this is a tricky one… While some people love it when people touch and pet their dogs, some people hate it. One thing for sure, you’ll meet a lot of new friends with that dog.
  • Unique: The chance you’ll see another Long Coat Akita Inu is very small.


Long Coat Akita Inu Con’s:

  • Hard to find: As we mentioned before, most breeders usually avoid breeding long coats. Making them pretty hard to find.
  • Shedding, shedding and some more shedding: While the short coat will give you a hard time during it’s shedding season, the long coats will make you drown in rivers of fur. Make sure you read our article about Dealing with your Akita Inu shedding to reduce the amount of fur all over your house.
  • Not ideally for breeding and competitions: As we mentioned before, the Long Coat Akita Inu doesn’t fit the breed standards, and therefore, cannot enter the show rings. We suggest you to avoid having a long coat if you want to become a breeder.
  • Not suitable for warmer climates: Imagine how you’d feel wearing a coat in the middle of July. Even though the Akita Inu’s double coat protects him from the heat, it’s still not enough. So, if you’re living in a warm climate area, make sure you keep your long coat in the shade and provide him with cool water.


Overall, we think that a long coat Akita Inu is a great choice for any person or family wishing to have a dog. Well, unless someone wants to become a breeder or having his dog participating in competitions.

If you’re thinking of having an Akita Inu puppy, make sure you read our article about Choosing an ideal Akita Inu puppy or Contact us for free guidance.