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Grooming your Akita Inu

Grooming your Akita Inu

Grooming your Akita Inu is very important Unlike some of the dogs, Akita Inu need a lot of grooming. Your Akita will shed his coat twice a year, hence special care is required to keep it clean. Your Akita Inu cleans itself and it is a decent clean dog. However, the shedding of coat will leave abundant quantities of shed hair. You can reduce the amount of fur you will find in your house dramatically. All by grooming your Akita Inu.

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Ear, Teeth, and Nails

Before giving your Akita Inu a bath, clean its ears by using a cotton ball with some alcohol. Alcohol removes the non-polar part (which is dirt) and hence the bacteria which could become active in moist environment exist no more. You should get your dog feeling comfortable while you are touching his teeth. The best way to do it is to touch his teeth on an early age. Although cleaning your dog’s teeth is not as important as it is for humans, they do develop plague and dirt. It can later cause infections. You should not use products made for human on your dog.
Cutting nails of your Akita Inu might prove a daunting task if you do not take care of it since it is a puppy. However, cutting your Akita Inu’s nails is very important. Long nails may lead to distortion of your Akita Inu’s paws. Just as same as his teeth, you should touch your Akita Inu’s to feel comfortable while you are touching his feet. You don’t want to harm your dog while cutting his nails, so you must take extreme care while ensuring that you cut its nails every month.

Shaving your Akita Inu

You must never shave your Akita Inu. The Akita Inu has a double coat which he is using to protect himself from both extreme cold or very hot weather. Some people mistakenly think that shaving their Akita Inu will help their dog avoid the hot weather, but this is wrong. The Akita Inu’s double coat actually help him cool himself by isolating and keeping the heat out. Alongside with that, the Akita Inu cool itself by panting and sweating from its paws.
The main reason one should never shave his Akita Inu is the skin’s exposure to the sun and it’s UV rays. The exposure can harm your Akita Inu in many ways from heat burns to skin cancer. And this is why you must never shave your Akita Inu
Trimming in the case of long hair causing trouble during the walk is no harm. So if you really want your puppy to have less hair, trim its hair carefully to a certain length. In addition, considering the hazards of shaving your Akita Inu is of utmost importance.


Bathing Your Akita Inu and Brushing Its Coat

To keep your dog healthy, free of germs, and hence safe, it is important to clean it thoroughly every month or otherwise whenever it is required. Considering that an Akita has a double coat, it must be leathered until the water and leather reach the inner coat. Puppies may be scared of the process, so minimal sounds will ensure a good experience. Yet again, it is important to use dog products only since they are manufactured particularly for them.
After washing your Akita Inu puppy, you must finish the fur’s drying process completely. Moist skin may cause skin fungus. Use a towel and brush its coat with proper tools like slicker brush and undercoat comb. Doing so will bring wonders for you. Especially when your dog sheds this coat and a new coat with straight hair comes. Also, their fur may fall while brushing, hence you would better want to find an appropriate place for this purpose.
Finally, your dog is in a position to roam around in the house.

Make sure you use the right tools

The last thing you want to do is to damage your Akita Inu’s coat. And guess what? You can do it easily unless you have the right tools. On top of that, once you damage his coat, you cannot fix it. And your Akita Inu will be disqualify from the show rings.

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Remember, your Akita Inu is your responsibility and a part of your family too. So keep it clean, presentable, and lovable. Always keep on grooming your Akita Inu.