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Choosing the Perfect Akita Inu Puppies

Out of all the Akita Inu puppies, how do I choose the perfect one?

There are so many Akita Inu Puppies for sale. Those are the things you MUST KNOW before choosing your new family member.

Choosing the wrong puppy may lead you to a lot of troubles such as:

  • Sick Akita Inu puppies
  • Aggressive Akita Inu puppies
  • Akita Inu puppies who do not fit the breed standards



We truly understand that the price of the puppy plays a big part in choosing which breeder you should buy from, but we also want you to know that sometimes cheap costs eventually more. Knowing how to buy Akita Inu puppies will save you a lot of money and emotional stress on the long run.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to check the bloodline.

Ending up with a sick Akita Inu puppy will cost you a fortune when it comes to taking care of it, ending up with an aggressive Akita Inu puppy will might cause lawsuits and ending up with a puppy who doesn’t fit the breed standards will make you need to buy another puppy if you want to become a breeder.

There are several indications that you might observe upon purchasing your dog and this will help you guide in choosing wisely.

So please, read carefully and feel free to contact us for guidance. We will happily help you to choose an ideal Akita Inu puppy.


First, let’s start with some Red Flags. We suggest you to stay away from breeders if:

1. The Akita Inu breeder doesn’t permit you to check the breeding location

Getting an Akita Inu is a big deal. The average lifespan of an Akita Inu is 10-15 years. Therefore you should definitely have the right to check the breeding spot. You want to make sure the mother is staying with her puppies, the build and look of both parents, their behavior, etc…

Make sure you ask the breeder to come and see the breeding place and the parents even if you are not planning to go there. You want to see his reaction. If the breeder refuses to let you come and see the breeding place or the parents, he’s probably hiding something. Remember, people don’t tend to hide good things.


2.One or both of the Akita Inu parents have bad temperaments

Think for a moment about what does it mean to have an aggressive dog.akita inu puppies aggressive

Having an aggressive dog can get you in a lot of trouble! The last thing you want is to get in a lawsuit after your dog bit another person or another pet.

According to many studies, the chance that puppies will adapt the temperaments of their parents is huge. So you must make sure his parents aren’t showing any sign of aggression, fearfulness and similar behavior patterns.


3.The breeder is keeping the Akita Inu puppies in a place with a lack of hygiene

Lack of hygiene may cause health issues with Akita Inu puppies. Dirty and untidy places attract bacteria that might and will spread throughout the puppies’ body and might follow to your home with it.


4. The mother Akita Inu was bred too often

According to studies, a female dog that is often bred always comes with poor puppies. The health of puppies mostly depends on the health of the mother dog. If you know that the breeder is using the mother dog for too many litters, you better take off the deal with the puppies because it will surely not a good choice


5. The Akita Inu breeder is breeding in an undeveloped country

Breeders form undeveloped countries barely hold any legal responsibilities. It’s almost impossible to sue a person or a business from an undeveloped country and they know it. So make sure you buy your puppy from a country that you know has a strong law enforcement.


The consequences of buying an Akita Inu from the wrong breeder


1. A sick Akita Inu

Having a sick Akita inu is the last thing you want. It will hurt you both financially and emotionally. Studies shows that sickness can easily go from the parents to the puppy.

2.An aggressive Akita Inu

The Akita Inu is a large, independent and a dominant dog. Studies show that aggressive parents usually pass their aggression to their puppies. An aggressive dog can put you, your family and other people in danger.

3. An Akita Inu who doesn’t fit the breed standards

While having an Akita Inu that perfectly fits the Breed Standards is not too important for most people, future breeders find it extremely important. If you are looking to become a breeder, you should build your reputation in show rings to gain your clients’ respect. Which is something you will not be able to do unless your dog fits all the breed standards.


If you think that there is too much information about choosing an ideal puppy or you are a bit confused, please do not hesitate to contact us for free guidance.