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Dealing with your Akita Inu shedding

Dealing with your Akita Inu shedding

The Akita Inu lose their undercoat two times a year, and it’s a nightmare! Unless you are dealing with your Akita Inu shedding, you will find yourself swimming in seas of Akita Inu fur all over your house. Especially if you have a Long Coat Akita Inu The best thing you can do is to either go to a dog salon, or to follow this article and make sure you deal with your Akita Inu shedding.

Choosing the right equipment will help you keeping your Akita Inu’s fur healthy and to avoid having fur all over your clothes, your furniture and even your food.

After a lot of research, we found the following tips the most efficient for you to deal with your Akita Inu shedding:


1). Have the ideal brush for Akita Inu

We recommend the Slicker Brush for Grooming with Extra Long Firm Pins – By Show Tech

Choosing the wrong brush will destroy your Akita Inu’s fur completely. Once it happens, you will not be able to take your dog to show rings.

The Slicker Brush will remove shed fur and make your Akita Inu looks fluffy, without hurting the outer coat. It’s important to know that you won’t be able to recover the outer coat after you destroy it. You should never use a non professional brush.

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2). Feed your Akita Inu with high quality diet

Feeding your Akita Inu with a healthy diet will create wonders such as making him happier, healthier and stronger.

Buy your Akita Inu high quality food

Cheap food contains a lot of fillers like bones, ash, corn and grains. Fillers will cause a difficulty for your Akita Inu digesting it. You want to make sure that you feed your Akita Inu with high quality food that contain more meat and some vegetables in it.

Add olive oil and Omega3 to your Akita Inu’s food

Adding around 40 ml of olive oil and Omega3 for an adult Akita Inu each day, will help improving his overall coat condition and decrease its shedding.

Add some vegetables and fruits to his diet

Just like humans, dogs need to eat vegetables and fruits. However, not as much.

3). Give your Akita Inu a bath

Akita Inu Grooming Shedding Bath

When you’re washing your Akita Inu, you’re reducing the amount of shedding. Alongside with that, you are making his fur look shiny and also making him smell better. During the sower, the water stream will wash off the loosed undercoat without hurting the outer coat.

Make sure you give your Akita Inu a bath one a month and don’t forget to dry him completely after you finish. You can cause a lot of skin problems to your Akita Inu. For example, fungal infection by keeping his skin moist. In order to dry your Akita Inu completely, use a towel right after the shower and after that, use a hair dryer.