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Is Akita Inu Good with Children?

Is Akita Inu Good With Children?

akita inu good children

We wish there was a short answer to that question.

There are so many misconceptions saying you shouldn’t have Akitas if you have children (and vice versa). In reality, this is far from the truth.

The fact that the Akita Inu is a guard dog, make him very protective to his family members. However, those same guarding instincts make him react to threats and have obsession for his food.

History suggests that people used the Japanese Akita Inu as baby sitters. However, the main factors whether the he will get along with children is the training. Both of the dog and the child.

The Akita Inu’s personality and behavior

Just like us, dogs are different from one another. Even if they come from the same breed or the same litter. If your Akita Inu has a bad temperament, he less likely to accept the children’s poking and teasing. We suggest you to read the following articles for more information: How to choose an ideal Akita Inu puppy and Akita Inu puppies training

The Children’s Behavior

You don’t want your child to abuse your dog, hurting and poking him all day long. Just like any other animal, they do not like to get hurt, teased or annoyed by anyone. So make sure you teach your kid to respect your dog. For the sake of both of them.

One of the more important things you should avoid, is letting your children poke your dog while eating. Unless trained well, they are very protective when it comes to food. Until you are sure both your dog and children behave well, you should be separating them during meal time.

Introduction Age Matters – A LOT!

Alongside with that, the introduction age make a huge impact. A dog which grew up with children will be much more tolerant to their behavior and mistakes.


New Babies

When it comes to a new baby, you must Prepare your Akita Inu for your new baby. This will create a huge difference.


Button line, they can be amazing with children and they are known for it. However, an Akita Inu is not a Chiwawa and must be respected. You must supervise both your children and your dog. We advise you not to leave your children alone with your dog. At least until they are 12.